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Monday, 15 February 2016

Another throw of the dice...

It's time for the #SonOfAPitch contest- making Writing more Exciting!

Good luck to everyone else who's entering.

Title: Handsome is as Handsome Does

Age and Genre: Adult Historical Romance

Word Count: 75,000


This Happy Ever After story is set in Bath and Gloucester in 1817, a time when England was crippled by war and poor harvests. Loose behaviour is not uncommon, but just how far will the love-struck heroine go to win her man, and has she chosen the right one?

"Handsome is as Handsome Does" follows the adventures (and misadventures) of young governess Emma d'Ibert, who is keen to restore the fortunes of her once-noble family.
To do this she must work hard, keep her identity secret and try and avoid the pitfalls of living under the same roof as beguiling rogue, Charles Keane. But she has inadvertently made an enemy of Keane's friend, Viscount Tidworth, who has the power to expose her and bring her new life crashing down around her ears.
Tidworth's marriage plans are crushed when a delay on the road, for which he blames Emma, allows another gentleman to step in and claim his sweetheart. He is furious when Emma, as part of one of Charles' schemes, attends his charity ball pretending to be a wealthy countess. Should he unmask her, or save her from disgrace at the hands of the amorous Charles?


Emma struggled to understand what had just happened.
The cart she was travelling in had been lumbering towards the crossroads when suddenly Carrier Marshman hauled on the reins, slewing the vehicle sideways and almost toppling her from her seat. The panicked neigh of a horse followed by an ominous thump  made everything clear. Alarmed at the sight of a hefty cart bearing down on the crossroads through the obscuring rain, a thoroughbred had shied and thrown its rider, then bolted off towards Bath.
Horrified, Emma scrambled down, hampered by her rain-sodden skirts. As Marshman jumped to the ground to calm his edgy team, she squelched towards the fallen horseman.
He lay supine, staring up into the leaden sky with a glazed expression, his beautifully cut riding coat spattered with mud, arms flung out on either side of him as if welcoming the rain into his embrace. He emitted the occasional groan, but seemed unable to elevate himself from his unfortunate position.
"Oh sir, are you alright? Let me help you up."
Blue-grey eyes flickered towards her face but failed to focus.
"I doubt you have the strength, Madam."
His cut-glass accent informed her that the fellow was a member of the Quality, to which she had belonged until the "Year without a Summer" had ruined her family. She answered stoutly, "I am stronger than I look and I know a little of anatomy and physick; my brother is in medical training."


  1. Your query definitely sets up the genre and its promise of a steamy story - it makes me curious to know when/how that first kiss occurs.

    As for the excerpt - the accident scene sets the story off and running from the get-go. It creates an appealing mystery as the reader wonders what exactly the Quality is and how it links the characters together. In the first paragraph, I was a little confused at where Emma was located during the accident until she climbed down from the cart. I wasn't clear if she were with Carrier Marshman or not. Otherwise, I could clearly envision the image of the man in the mud and Emma leaning over him with her wet skirts. Also, the historical era is set up well not only with the mode of transportation but with the language. Nice work!

  2. Ooh, good point about the cart. I shall have to rearrange that without going over the 250 words limit. Thank you!

  3. I really liked your query because I'm an avid regency romance girl.
    But I agree about the accident scene I couldn't quite figure out what was going on

  4. Ah. I have already changed it. So if you've read it since I changed it, does that mean it still doesn't make sense? Sob!!! But thank you for your comment!

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